Pianoterra's Ambassadresses

To the rest of the world they are actresses, anchorwomen, artists in various fields, women widely known to the public. To us they are Pianoterra’s ambassadresses – extraordinary women who share our goals and values, embrace our mission, applaud our projects, and support us by generously donating their time and talents to advance our work.

Their support includes helping to promote our fundraising events and outreach campaigns, and participating in workshops and other activities for mothers, children, and teenagers.

We are very proud to introduce them one by one!

Luisa Ranieri

Actress in theatre, cinema and television, Luisa is the public champion of our program 1000 Days and of its communication campaign, which includes a video for Pianoterra.

Orsetta De Rossi

Actress and dubber, Orsetta is a long-time supporter of, and contributor to, our work. Her public readings of Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol” and Rodari’s “The Blue Arrow” for our fundraisers were unforgettable. For our project Tor Sapienza Film Lab she coached the young participants helping them to develop their acting skills.

Barbara Gulienetti

Interior designer and anchorwoman, Barbara led several creative workshops for Pianoterra’s mums, including workshops devoted to making Christmas decorations.

Iaia Forte

Actress in cinema and theatre, Iaia moved us intensely with her public reading of the tale “L’Angelo dei cani” (The angel of the dogs), which noted writer Erri De Luca donated to us for fundraising events.

Isa Danieli

Actress in cinema and theatre, and celebrated performer in the Neapolitan theatre tradition, Isa performed for us “Incanto di donne” (“Women’s enchantment”), a reading of selected dramas featuring female characters at a fundraising event for Pianoterra.