A Room of One’s Own

Una stanza tutta per se
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a woman must have money and a room of her own, if she is to write

(Virginia Woolf)

Pianoterra’s translation of Virginia Woolf‘s room of her own is a program of activities to help women find a way of their own, an individual route towards emancipation and autonomy, reinforcement of self-esteem, development of personal abilities and skills, including the parenting ones.

The project is based on activities organized in our premises every week and includes thematic workshops on dance, cooking, needlework, ricycle, drawing, collage, theatre, photography. Through a practice of common “making”, our users socialize, learn, share, listen to each other, tell about themselves, express needs, discover their resources. The meetings are lead by a psycholgist together with specialists in each field and with the help of “more expert” mothers. During the workshops, an educator take care of the children, so that women can enjoy a space for themselves.

It is also operative a psychological and educational counselling point to respond to specific requests coming from individuals, couples or families. It is therefore possible to analyse difficult situations, to activate processes of conflict managing and improving communication and relationships, or to orientate users to local specialistic services. The counselling is lead by a psychologist who receives upon appointment. Specialist counsellings are carried out through a network of experts who choose to make their skills and part of their time available to our association.

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