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EstEtica - Salone sociale
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Our salon offers beauty treatments at a token fee, in a space in which women can relax, socialize, and experience a sense of well-being and community. Its inspiration comes from Lucia Iraci’s “Josephine Beauty Salon” which serves disadvantaged women in Paris and Tours who want to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Beyond experiencing the immediate pleasures of visiting our salon, women leave it feeling well-groomed and attractive, and thus more confident and better prepared to present themselves in educational and work settings.

Our beauticians and hairdressers offer beauty treatments to Pianoterra mothers three times a month, and we welcome women referred to us by our network partners.

Over the years, many companies have supported our salon. Currently, Estée-Lauder provides us with beauty products. Mac provides professional make-up sessions in a MAC store in Naples.

Building on the success of our salon, we now offer pre-professional training to women who want to acquire beautician and hairdresser skills. This helps them advance toward professional training offered by public and private educational organizations.

Please visit our Salon’s Photo gallery to see our beautiful mothers!