From Mum To Mum

Di mamma in mamma
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Mothers share items needed to care for babies and children, thus helping each other, forming bonds of mutual support, and, through reuse of serviceable goods, reducing waste.

Items can include nappies for babies, baby care products, equipment like strollers and cribs, clothing for babies and children, toys, books, and baby food.

We invite all mothers – including supporters of our work – to donate items they no longer need, so Pianoterra mothers can use them. And, we purchase new items with contributions from financial supporters.

At Pianoterra’s facilities, we carefully assess the condition of each item donated to us, and we catalogue items suitable for use and reuse. We invite mothers to fill out a list of items they need. We then match their lists with our inventory and invite the mothers to come to our facilities to collect those items.

From Mum to Mum yields these benefits:

It helps low-income families who can’t easily afford essential supplies to obtain them at no cost.

It helps create a sense of community and mutual support among women who are helping each other.

It reduces waste by giving still-useful items a second life through recycling.

Mothers’ visits to our facilities further engages them with us, strengthening their commitment to fully realize the benefits that other Pianoterra services – custom-tailored to their families’ needs – can deliver.

To learn how to donate goods, please contact our offices in Rome and Naples, using the information at the bottom of this page.

To donate money for the purchase of new items, please click on “Support This Project” on this page.

Our Pianoterra mothers thank you for your support!