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“Inviolable” is a participative planning initiative led by Pianoterra to prevent, detect and tackle violence on children aged 0-6 in three Italian cities: Naples, Rome and Bari. The project is funded by “Con i bambini” social enterprise.

Each year there are more than 100.000 recorded cases of violence against children, with peaks in regions such as Campania, Puglia and Lazio. The percentage of reported cases involving children aged 0-6 is quite low: detecting cases in this age is much more difficult and they tend to emerge only once the child arrives at school. It is however important to detect and intervene earlier: as we know, the years between 0 and 6 are a precious time to lay the foundation of healthy and balanced development and learn relational and personal skills that will support the child for the rest of his/her life. Traumas and distress experienced in these years are thus more likely to hurt irreparably.

To effectively tackle this risk we intervene on three different levels:

1. Training and raising awareness among operators of local services for children, from healthcare officers to educators and school teachers, from social services to cultural operators. The aim is to update their skills and knowledge with strong attention to a multicultural perspective.

2. Preventing cases of violence and abuse by active promotion of positive and responsive parenthood in vulnerable families and of self-care and resilience in children.

3. Defining joint procedures among public bodies and non-profit organizations to ensure early detection and reporting of cases of violence and abuses on children, a timely and well-measured response to each reported case and an integrated follow-up of involved families, including foster families.