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In Rione Sanità, Naples, we participate to Lab-In, an integrated network intervention based on collaboration between local schools and organizations with the aim of experiencing a new model of community welfare able to prevent school drop-out and tackle social vulnerability. The project, funded by Campania Region, is implemented by a network of local organizations and schools.

To be able to recognize and accept a world made of rules is a difficult and demanding task for each child. Many children experience a lack of reference points which can lead, once they become teenagers, to approaching wrong role models. Educational centers and schools need to help tomorrow’s adults to grab opportunities, supporting their personal and cultural growth. 

Lab-In put kids at the very center of educational action, acknowledging them as main characters who need to share a positive system of rules and helping them to recuperate a relationship with school intended as a space of both material and symbolic redemption. 

Lab-In involves children and teenagers aged 6-18 referred by schools and educational centers. It involves also their parents and families and, more broadly, the whole community of people living in their same area. The project offers educational and recreational activities carried out both during school and in post-school time.