Nobody’s out

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Nobody’s out” is a project to tackle health poverty in the Campania Region, carried out by the Ex-Canapificio Social Center of Caserta, which act as project’s leader, the association Frontiera Sud and by Pianoterra in collaboration with a broad partnership that includes territorial services, local administrations and third sector entities active in the intervention territories.

The project is part of the “Su.Pr.Eme Italia” program, an action financed by funds from the European Commission to create an extraordinary integrated plan of interventions aimed at contrasting and overcoming all forms of severe labor exploitation, marginality and vulnerability of migrant workers in the most critical areas of the regions targeted by the action.

“Nobody’s out” implements actions aimed at health prevention for children, pregnant women and adults of foreign origin and residents in the territories of Castel Volturno and Eboli. Born from the need to encourage, within communities of foreign origin, the dissemination of timely and clear information on the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, the intervention expands to include information, accompaniment and orientation to local social and healthcare services with the aim of promoting the right to health in contexts where exercising it is not so obvious.

As part of this project, Pianoterra welcomes and accompanies pregnant women and families with small children, organizing meetings on topics such as vaccinations (including that against Covid-19), examinations and checks to be done during pregnancy, prevention and women’s health and facilitating the ‘access to local health and family services both by sharing information and by accompanying people, including supporting them in all bureaucratic procedures.