Places for birth – Castel Volturno

Luoghi per nascere a Castel Volturno
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Places for birth – Castel Volturno” aims at extending the services of Pianoterra’s 1000 Days program to the town not far from Naples, marked by a high presence of people of migrant origins, especially coming from West African countries such as Nigeria or Ghana and employed in seasonal farming. There is also a strong presence of women who are experiencing or have just escaped human trafficking and sex work.

In such context we collaborate with local social services and other non-profit organizations to offer pregnant women, new parents and children aged 0-3 years our services of material aid, strengthening of parenthood skills, psychological, educational and legal counselling, activities for parents and children, training of basic childcare skills, information on how to correctly access social and healthcare services.

Special attention is devoted to transcultural approaches to reproductive healthcare, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood, to fill the gaps experienced by foreign women and mothers facing a social and healthcare system not always welcoming.

The project is funded by Waldensian Churches through their “8×1000” campaign.