Punto Luce Sanità

Punto Luce Sanità
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In Naples’s densely populated Sanità neighbourhood, residents contend with severe poverty, very high unemployment rates, a high incidence of health problems, drug abuse, and crime. Many of the children struggle with school; many drop out. Yet the neighbourhood is vibrant, and a variety of initiatives are under way to help residents improve their lives.

One of them is Point of Light Sanità (“Punto Luce Sanità”), a project that Pianoterra established, in 2014, at the request of Save The Children Italia as part of its national program to address educational poverty. The aim is to provide educational, cultural, recreational, and social enrichment to severely disadvantaged children and their parents.

Operating from Chiesa dell’Immacolata e San Vincenzo, Point of Light offers free activities and services to children and teenagers aged 6-16. Specific activities may change from time to time; core offerings are generally these:

  • Homework support
  • Creative workshops
  • Reading workshops
  • Physical exercises and expressive body movement
  • Painting
  • Music
  • Fashion design

In addition to group activities, we offer support tailored to the individual needs of children referred to us by local social service agencies for special help with school. We also offer parents psychological counselling and guidance on parenting skills.

In 2016, inspired by the Sanità neighbourhood’s dynamic social activism, Pianoterra initiated an alliance with two other organizations:

Our joint aim is to share resources, strategies, and evaluation tools in order to further strengthen the way we deliver free social, educational, and cultural benefits to children. Named Widespread Light (“Punto Luce Diffuso”), our alliance operates at various locations in the Parish of Santa Maria della Carità. For children ages 6 to 16, Pianoterra provides educational activities that augment what is offered in school, and helps children with their school homework. Il Grillo Parlante also helps with homework. Sanitansamble offers musical instruction in singing, playing instruments, and performing in a youth orchestra.

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