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Sanit-Hub is a three-year long project realized in Rione Sanità, Naples, to tackle educational poverty and promote a global and synergic educational community. The project, funded by social enterprise “Con i bambini”, is implemented by a network of local organizations among which Pianoterra. 

Sanit-Hub is dedicated to children and teenagers aged 11-17 and their families; its main goal is to promote a different and new kind of community welfare centered on the presence of a community hub, a place where activities and services are offered to kids and their families and, at the same time, an innovative model of local governance is experienced, with an active collaboration between public services, local institutions and non profit organizations. 

Children and teenagers are taken care of globally, with special focus on the need to tackle educational poverty and prevent school drop-out. 

Project’s activities can be followed on Sanit-Hub’s Facebook page.