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Tackling the effects of educational poverty since early childhood, well before children arrive at school, means also working with families, especially the most vulnerable ones, to connect them to a wider local community. This is the core of Pianoterra’s contribution to the “Tornasole” project, a work started in 2021 in Rome, in Tor Bella Monaca district, one of the areas with the highest presence of children under 3 years, with worrying signs of disadvantage and marginality and lacking or inadequate educational services for pre-school children.

Here Pianoterra collaborates with other local organizations and with a local school to implement “Tornasole”, dedicated to families with children aged 0-6 living in the district. The aim is to offer parents psychological and educational support and to accompany them to correct access to social and healthcare services available in the area. We also offer children quality educational opportunities. We run these activities inside the local school, in close collaboration with teachers and educators of nursery school, but also outside the school, in a dedicated space open to the local community.

“Tornasole” is a four-year intervention promoted by Paolo Bulgari Foundation, co-funded by Con i bambini social enterprise and carried out by several local non-profit organizations: Antropos onlus, Associazione daSud, ÀP-Accademia popolare dell’Antimafia e dei Diritti, Associazione Pianoterra onlus, Rimettere le Ali, Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco, CuboLibro, IF-ImparareFare.