Skill Training for Mothers

Scuola di mamma
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Rates of unemployment among the women we serve are extremely high, and many of these women are single mothers who are not financially supported by a partner. Half of the women we serve are immigrants, many of whom live in social isolation and have not yet learned the Italian language.

To help them develop greater self-sufficiency and to help equip them for the workforce, we offer two free training programs:

  • Italian language courses for foreign mothers. Learning Italian is a major step toward self-sufficiency and employment. We offer women the opportunity to learn Italian while their children are being cared for by our staff. Instruction is provided on both basic and advanced levels. Each course consists of a weekly session of two hours, conducted over 9 months.
  • Training for home-healthcare-aide employment. This course equips women with the knowledge and skills they need to work as caregivers for people unable to care for themselves. The course is offered whenever there is sufficient demand from women who want to work in this field.

One obvious benefit of our Italian language courses is that they help the women who become professional caregivers communicate with the people they care for. A less obvious benefit is that learning Italian equips mothers to converse in Italian with their children at home. And a benefit of both of our training programs is that they move mothers from isolation at home into a social setting in which they can interact with women whose situations are similar to theirs and become part of a larger community.