We Can

We Can
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With “We Can” we aim at promoting mother-child wellbeing in Naples and suburbs through better access to basic healthcare for vulnerable families. The project is part of the wider 1000 Days program, with the following activities:

  • Information and orientation to local services: we don’t want to replace services already available but promoting better access to them. We introduce different services to families, informing them on how to access them, which care options they have, which are their rights as parents. We also provide information and support with the paperwork needed to have exemptions and aid.
  • Courses of preparation for birth and basic parenthood skills: we promote knowledge, awareness and personal choices in a non-judgmental environment, trying to activate each person’s need in full respect of their lifestyle and priorities. We organize small groups to guarantee a proper circulation of knowledge and make room for sharing and exchanging opinions and ideas.
  • Material aid: we donate basic items for mothers and children, thus offering prompt response to immediate need and allowing families relief from most severe worries so that they can concentrate on pathways to autonomy and self-care.

We can is funded by Waldensian Churches through their “8×1000” campaign.