Wi-U – Teenagers in Arts

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Wi-U – Teenagers in Arts is a manifesto, an hymn and a creative exhortation for young people living in Rione Sanità, Naples, to encourage them to exercise their rights as active citizens and valorize historical and cultural heritage of their neighborhood. 

The project, funded by Naples City Council and implemented by a network of local organizations, aims at promoting teenagers’ empowerment through visual arts. Participants to the project are involved in the production of a web series entirely created, written, directed and performed by them. 

In an environment where it seems obvious do without a school book to buy last cell phone model, a winning tool to attract and involve young people is visual language, the most important and effective in our contemporaneity. Videos, vocal messages, photos and selfies fill kids’ daily life and are used as tools for self-narration and subjective representation of the place they live in.

Wi-U – Teenagers in Arts’ activities can be followed on project’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.