Our staff

Our strategic approach to our mission is multidisciplinary and collaborative. Our core staff is augmented by highly qualified volunteers who donate their time and passion to our mission, and by our partners in the robust family service networks we’ve been steadily building in Naples and Rome.

For each family we serve, we devise a plan, custom-tailored to each individual’s needs, that links family members to our projects and network resources. The experts we draw upon include paediatricians paediatric nurses, gynaecologists, nutritionists, physical fitness trainers, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and educators. Adding their skills are beauticians, hairdressers, actors, photographers, directors, artists, writers, and musicians!

Our core staffers are profiled below.


Alessia Bulgari
Founding Member - President

A photographer for many cinema productions, as well as for books and catalogs of important artists and galleries, Alessia Bulgari bases her work on social themes. She founded the O.C.A kindergarten in Itaparica, Brazil. She has been collaborating with the World Buddhist Center Trust in New Delhi.


Ciro Nesci
Founding Member - Executive Director

Speech therapist, music therapist, and counselor, Ciro Nesci has worked in rehabilitation centers, focusing on speech and language impairments and conducting lab workshops with other instructors, rehabilitation therapists, and students in the fields of training and education.


Flaminia Trapani
Founding Member - Scientific Supervisor

Psychologist, psychotherapist, and early childhood neuro-psychomotricity specialist, Flaminia Trapani has worked in rehabilitation centers as a therapist and coordinator. She has facilitated national and international adoptions by collaborating with family clinics and other associations.


Management Office

Irene Esposito

Director of Naples office


Elisa Serangeli

Director of Rome office


Accounting office and administrative office

Marianna Serra
Veronica De Luca

Secretary of Rome office


Marilena Stella

Secretary of Naples office


Communication and fund raising

Giusy Muzzopappa

Head of communication and fund raising



Adriana Sciarrone

Support of communication and fund raising


Project management

Nadia Levato

Senior project manager


Benedetta Carratelli

Junior project manager


Coordination of activity areas

Arianna Russo

Psychologist, responsible of Birth and Maternity area


Rossella Mancino

Psychologist, responsible of Autonomy and Empowerment area


Chiara Arpaia

Psychologist, responsible of Comunication area


Coordination projects

Brunella Cozzolino

Welfare officer, coordinator of Fiocchi in Ospedale at Cardarelli project


Alessandro Cerullo

Social worker, coordinator of Punto Luce Sanità project


Serena Fusco

Project manager, coordinator of NEST project


Pamela Caprioli

Psychologist, coordinator of 1000 Giorni Roma project


Operating team

Daniela Palmisano
Diana Galdi

Welfare officier


Enza Schiavone
Chiara D'Andrea
Claudia Mastroianni
Serena Farese
Giuliana Forchetta
Giovanni Mirra
Patrizia Pica Ciamarra
Liliana Cataldo