Pianoterra’s Maternity Suitcase contains everything a mom and her baby need at birth. With its romper suits, bibs, soaps and small attentions, it is the symbol of a plan that lasts 1000 days created for moms who cannot pack their own suitcase because they don’t have anything to put in. Pianoterra’s 1000 Days project includes a guidance to physical exams provided by National Healthcare System and to other local family services, parenthood courses, counseling sessions with psychologists, medical experts and other professionals on mother and child healthcare and wellbeing.

With your donation you will help us pack lots of suitcases with items essential to moms and babies in their early days, and operate counseling spots to welcome pregnant women, parents and their babies in Naples and Rome.

Please select the items you would like to put in our Maternity Suitcase by clicking on “Donate” under items below. When you’ve filled the suitcase to your satisfaction, click on the “View the cart” link and check out your donation.

Thank you for your support!

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Bodycopy illustration © Marco Raparelli