Our method

Toward the goal of helping vulnerable families thrive, we employ a working method governed by a carefully considered set of strategies. Over the years our method has evolved as we’ve grown in scope and adapted to change. But our core strategies remain constant.


We approach each family through the mother, during her pregnancy or after her baby is born. Obtaining each mother’s commitment to carrying out the plan of services we design for her family is essential, and the relationship we build with her becomes the foundation for all the work that follows.

Professional and multidisciplinary

To help each family, we draw on the expertise of a team of highly qualified professionals – from our core staff and volunteers, and from the robust network of agencies and organizations we collaborate with. These professionals include psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, paediatricians, paediatric nurses, gynaecologists, and educators, as well as beauticians, hairdressers, actors, photographers, directors, artists, writers, and musicians.


Pregnancy and the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are crucial to the child’s health and well-being, and can affect an entire lifetime. Many women living under conditions of poverty are socially isolated and may not have access to, or even know about, services like prenatal screening. This makes facilitating mothers’ access to such services crucial. Services include not only healthcare but family counselling, social services, education, and many other kinds of support.


For each family, Pianoterra designs a plan custom-tailored to each family member’s immediate needs and potential for personal growth. The goal is to promote the well-being of each individual and to strengthen the family as a unit.


We collaborate closely with other organizations and agencies to link families with needed services. Beyond our focus on individual families, we focus on the communities in which they live, working to strengthen networks of assistance and support and care.


Pianoterra approaches the family as a unit, and addresses simultaneously parents’ and children’s needs. We offer support from pregnancy through early childhood and teen-age years, while also helping mothers in many ways – including with training that can equip them for the workforce – and helping both mothers and fathers strengthen their parenting skills. Because problems that harm children can reverberate though future generations, our bi-generational approach can yield multi-generational benefits.